Skoda Octavia RS is more relevant 

The Skoda Octavia RS is one of Ireland’s favourite performance models and recently it saw the addition of the powerful 2.0 TSI 230bhp model as the fastest version in the range.

But there is now a new, perhaps more relevant, flagship model for Ireland in the form of the Octavia RS 4x4 DSG with prices starting from €39,395.

“Since the launch of the RS to Ireland, we have always had the question, from both media and customers, as to if and when this car would gain all-wheel drive, and thankfully this has now been answered with this new model,” says Raymond Leddy, head of marketing for Skoda Ireland. “With the addition of all-wheel drive, which provides for improved grip and acceleration, this makes one of the most complete cars you can buy today, even better.”

The Octavia RS 4x4 is available with the 2.0-litre TDI 184bhp, which is the engine chosen by virtually all Octavia RS customers in Ireland, and this is twinned with a six-speed DSG transmission. Power is distributed over the four wheels depending on the specific driving situation when the 4x4 technology is active. The wheels will not spin even when pulling away or accelerating rapidly.

As with the standard front-wheel drive Octavia RS, the car features sports suspension with multi-link suspension and electronic differential lock XDS+ for dynamic cornering, progressive steering, and numerous assistance systems for enhanced safety and comfort.

The Octavia RS with 4x4 and DSG accelerated faster to 100km/h than the front-wheel drive DSG equivalent (7.6 seconds vs 8.2 seconds ) and a top speed of 228km/h is possible. The maximum torque of 380Nm is available between 1,750 and 3,250rpm. Combined fuel economy figures are 4.9 l/100km and this corresponds to CO2 emissions of 129g/km (Band B1 €270 annual motor tax ).

The Octavia RS 4x4 DSG can be ordered now. Prices are €39,395 for the Liftback and €40,395 for the Combi (estate ) model.


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