Jobs boost as JFC Marine creates 20 new R&D and engineering jobs

John Concannon, MD. JFC Manufacturing last week announced the creation of 20 new jobs at the ‘Innovating the future of Marine Navigation Safety’  at the launch of the west of Ireland company’s new division, JFC Marine. 

The jobs will be in the area of engineering, research and development. The JFC Manufacturing Group, currently employing 240, with annual turnover in the region of €50m, headquartered in Tuam, Co. Galway with facilities in UK, Poland, South Africa and Holland, is traditionally known for plastics manufacturing and agricultural products. They will be marketing their new range of Navigation aids to Safety globally, consisting of Marine Marker Buoys, Solar Marine Lanterns as well as data monitoring and control systems for marine applications.  

‘In the region of 15 to 20 new jobs will be created in the next couple of years, people with expertise in engineering and research and development in particular. Following several million euros of investment over the last few years in research and development of these products, we are optimistic about the opportunities in this market. The marine navigation aids and market buoy market is a new sector for us, our products have been well received and we have been able to compete on price, quality and novel design. We are always happy to announce the creation of new jobs, as we know how valuable this is to the local economy,’ commented John Concannon, MD, JFC Manufacturing.

The marine navigation buoys which range in height from 2 m to 10m high, are being manufactured in JFC’s Galway factory. Having successfully trialled and tested the JFC Marine range, these are now in use by mariners, coast guards, major port authorities in Denmark, Norway throughout Europe and as far away as Cameroon. 

This fits in with an ambitious plan that JFC has strategically formulated which will see the company double in size by 2020, this involves the development of new products in the civil/construction, agriculture and marine sectors. The company’s developments have been supported by Enterprise Ireland.

The JFC Group currently employs 240 people, as well as engaging a range of other service suppliers and contractors.  Since 2010, JFC has invested millions of euros in R&D, following a difficult period weathering the storms of recessionary years 2008 - 2009. Now in 2015 JFC offer a portfolio of Marine Aids to Navigation product solutions. JFC have collaborated with internationally recognised Carmanah Sabik as trade partners, who are worldwide experts in supplying self-contained solar powered LED marine Lanterns for use with the Navigation Buoy range.

‘With our new buoy design and with the advances in technology we are now capable of adding new technologies and sensors to our buoys to provide real-time information to pilots at sea, information such as wave height, wind speed and water currents. This gives the pilots more control on the shipping vessel and will contribute to the safe transport of imports and export,’ stated Colin Concannon, Head of Sales, JFC Marine.

‘The key to the product success and innovation of JFC Manufacturing is in the research and development phases and the production facilities we have established here in Tuam. We have built an excellent young expert and ambitious team who are capable of bringing the company through the next phase of growth to a new scale and to new market areas. The word ‘fear’ does not exist in the JFC vocabulary, we seek continuous improvement and progress – onwards and upwards ! We have tendered for contracts worth €millions in the last 18 months and to win some of these contracts will take time. We know we can compete internationally at a very high level. It is great to see the Concannon family perform and playing their part in making this all happen,’ commented John.

The aim of the conference is to bring those working in marine together, from port authorities to those involved in aquaculture in particular those responsible for the safety of marine navigation and to discuss future advances that are needed to increase navigation safety and to highlight the value of adopting new technologies. This event is being organised in conjunction with international experts – Carmanah Sabik along with Commissioners of Irish Lights, Smart Bay Ireland Ltd. and Geo-Mara.  This conference is free of charge to the public however registration is necessary in advance. 

JFC Manufacturing was founded by John Concannon in Tuam, Co. Galway; JFC Marine is headed up by his son Colin Concannon who has been involved in the business for over a decade. With a track record of sales worldwide, this is a good news story for Ireland. For more information please view:


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