Moyola Park residents face water contamination for second time

Residents in Moyola Park were instructed not to use the water this week following the discovery of kerosene in tap water. This is the second time this year that the fuel has contaminated tap water in the Newcastle estate.

A ‘do not use water’ notice was imposed on the estate as a precautionary measure on Tuesday following complaints of an odour coming from the taps at the weekend.

Galway City Council, on behalf of Irish Water, was working in the estate on Sunday to fix a burst watermain, and subsequent to these works received complaints from residents in relation to an odour coming from the water. 

Water samples were taken and the city council began flushing the water mains, and notified the Health Service Executive of the complaints. 

The city council, on behalf of Irish Water, is distributing bottled water to vulnerable residents in the estate, and providing an alternative water supply for other residents during the current disruption. 

The results of preliminary tests on the water indicate that it may have once again been contaminated with kerosene, though the source of the contamination is unclear. The water restriction will remain in place until the authorities involved are satisfied that there is no threat to public health.

Further tests are expected to be carried out on the water during the week.



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