QuickBooks ‘hands-on’ one day workshop

GPA Solutions will hold a one day workshop on QuickBooks on Saturday October 3, featuring everything you wanted to know about QuickBooks with your questions answered by an expert QuickBooks instructor. 

The programme offers information-packed, focused, training especially developed for existing QuickBooks users and small businesses. The workshop is designed for those who need to be sure they are maximising their useage of the software and for those who have specific QuickBooks accounting issues that cannot be resolved.

QuickBooks is a wonderful (and easy to use ) accounting package that not only helps you track your business transactions, but when set up right, can give you all kinds of useful information to run your business well and make more informed decisions. This comprehensive one day workshop will teach you the ins and outs of QuickBooks so that you can take advantage of its unique features.

For more information contact GPA Solutions on 091 562 838/[email protected]



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