Growing in personal solidity

Would you like to feel more in charge of your life, to make better decisions, to understand yourself better? Would you like to feel more grounded in who you are so that you can be more true to yourself with your teenage child, a colleague at work, or in the face of a crisis?

PRH (Personality and Human Relations ) is a non-profit international school of education and research, which offers education on how to live more of your best self and to enjoy a more satisfying life. This education is provided by educators who receive a thorough, ongoing professional training. It is for anyone who feels motivated to grow. It is given in workshops using a unique self-discovery method which meets the participants in their own life experience and stimulates their own growth dynamism. PRH can help to consolidate any other personal development work.

The PRH approach prioritises the growth of one’s being, our positive core of goodness where we discover our own uniqueness and which corresponds to our own interior foundations. PRH education helps us to access this life and to grow solid within. It helps us to understand ourselves and to bring more harmony into our lives.    

Growing in Personal Solidity is a very comprehensive introductory workshop which gives participants a global understanding of themselves and launches them on the path of growth. It will be given at Croí Nua, Galway, on the weekend of October 16 to 18. Fees are charged according to a sliding scale. For more information phone 090 6624937 or find Mary Silke Education for Personal Growth on Facebook.



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