Communication skills — a passport to success

A person’s ability to speak clearly and engagingly has an enormous impact on his/her self confidence, appreciation of language, literature, and art, and ability to communicate effectively throughout life. Whether interacting with fellow pupils and school teachers, delivering a presentation to colleagues, or performing in the public arena, being an articulate, engaging, speaker is an invaluable skill. When better to develop promote skills than in childhood?

Classes in speech and drama are designed to help develop communication, language, and literacy skills. The classes provide a platform for children and young people to gain confidence, work as a team, hold a conversation, and participate more fully in society.

Speech and drama classes help develop communication and social skills, encourage confidence, and provide an exciting introduction to reading and poetry.

The speech examinations, particularly in using spoken English and speaking in public, help students prepare for interviews, make presentations, and provide a platform for careers where such skills are of huge importance in competitive times.

The performance examinations provide vocational pathways to work in acting, theatre, musical theatre, and the teaching of performing arts, as well as the opportunity for personal development through a wide spectrum of interests.

The Garvey School of Speech and Drama, located at St Enda’s School, Dr Mannix Road, Sallthill, and Scoil Mhuire, Oranmore, is one of the longest established in Galway providing approved courses in speech and drama and is a centre of excellence where students have been successful in progressing to the top drama colleges including LAMDA, RADA, The Gaiety School, and Trinity College Dublin.

The principal Ailbhe Garvey-Hughes adjudicates many of the major drama festivals and feiseanna throughout Ireland and overseas. She is a former Druid actress, a senior examiner for approved boards including the Royal Irish Academy, a member of the Association of Drama Adjudicators, and a member of The Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama in Ireland, Britain, and overseas.

Classes resume on the week beginning Monday September 14.

For bookings phone 087 2832091/091 797183 or email [email protected]. For more information visit


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