ESB ecar app finds the nearest charge point for you

The ESB has updated its ‘ecar connect’ app to give owners of electric vehicles the ultimate driving experience.

Keeping your EV topped up on the road has never been easier thanks to a series of improvements made to the app, now available on iOS and Android. Filtering by electric vehicle charge point type makes locating any of the 1,200 charge points easier than ever.

A new interface includes CCS charge points for drivers of Volkswagen and BMW EVs, while Renault owners will be able to identify the Fast AC charge points nearest to them.

Support for 'ChadeMo' charge points continues to be provided for vehicles produced by manufacturers such as Nissan and Mitsubishi. Integration of turn-by-turn navigation powered by Google Maps provides EV drivers with the option of being guided directly to the most convenient electric vehicle charge point.

The harmonisation of the colour scheme for charger icons for both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland means drivers planning cross-border journeys will enjoy a seamless experience. Furthermore, the addition of charger-specific information such as its power rating and video-based instructions will further enhance drivers’ EV experience.


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