DNG Maxwell Heaslip & Leonard’s July auction offers an exciting mix of properties

Auctioneer James Heaslip of DNG Maxwell Heaslip & Leonard. 
Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy

Auctioneer James Heaslip of DNG Maxwell Heaslip & Leonard. Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy

Tomorrow will see leading property expert DNG Maxwell Heaslip & Leonard hold the final auction in its summer series of auctions in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Galway, at 3pm. The Galway city based firm has been leading the way recently, with its most recent auction in June providing a remarkable 95 per cent sales success rate – the highest anywhere in the country.  

As usual the auction team are offering an eclectic mix of properties with something to suit all types of buyers, covering all sectors of the property market. Heading up the auction team on the day will be James Heaslip, who will be, as usual, wielding the gavel and overseeing the afternoon’s proceedings. “We are very excited about tomorrow’s event and the whole team is working tirelessly around the clock to ensure that the auction is a success for both vendors and buyers alike,” he said. “Our auctions are widely recognised as being the slickest and most professional events in the business, and with each auction we try to improve the experience for all involved – be they in the Radisson or watching us on our live online broadcast.”

With almost 30 lots being brought to the floor, the list of properties varies, from ‘doer-uppers’ in stunning Roundstone, to walk-in investment properties on College Road, commercial properties in Sligo and Mayo, and sought after sites in Gentian Hill, Salthill. The team in DNG Maxwell Heaslip & Leonard are expecting it to be a busy afternoon and are asking those who plan to attend to allow for the summer season traffic and not to take any chances.

“We have a large number of properties to bring to the floor and will always try to start on time,” James Heaslip added. “However, as those who live in Galway city will testify, the greatly welcomed influx of tourists can affect the traffic in the city centre, so allow that bit of extra time in order to get a seat in what will be a busy auction room.”

He added: “Whether it’s your first time to an auction or you’re one of the regulars who attend all our events, come along and enjoy the experience. While we are all about looking after our clients and doing the business, we do try to ensure that everyone leaves the auction room with a memorable experience… and maybe a little lighter in the pocket.”

DNG Maxwell Heaslip & Leonard’s auction will take place tomorrow, Friday July 24, at 3pm in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lough Atalia, Galway.

Full details of each property can be viewed on www.dnggalway.ie or by contacting any of the auction team at 091 565261.     


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