Talented youngsters create new exhibition ‘You Booze You Looze’

A new exhibition from a group of talented young Galwegians is currently on display in the Galway City Library.

The exhibition on alcohol awareness is the fruition of six months work by the teenagers aged from 13 to 18 years from the CAPE Art Group, in association with Youth Work Ireland Galway.

The group has used a number of media, including drawing, ceramics and clay animation to complete the project which was funded by the Western Regional Drugs Task Force.

The poster was cleverly conceived from group discussions and workshops using colours that may entice people to consume alcohol, but revealing a darker side as to the effects of alcohol on the body - capturing a balance between ‘what the alcohol offers’ ‘versus its dark reality’.

There is a small group of ceramic objects - two of which show a number of bottles on a plinth, reflecting the ease of access for young people to ‘attain alcohol in our society today’. In any home youngsters will find bottles of alcohol, and in any shop alcohol is coloured to entice young people.

The video piece/clay animation started with the creation of small storyboards, concentrating on the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol. The animation was designed to challenge the cultural norms of our ‘nothing to do, let’s go drinking attitudes’, with terrible consequences.

The exhibition will be on display for the next three weeks.

For further information contact CAPE 087-659 5534, 41/43 Prospect Hill, Galway.


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