Council development levies to be ‘raided’ by Irish Water, warns Farrell

Fees collected by the Galway and city county councils could end up in the coffers of Irish Water, and away from vital local projects and maintenance.

This is the allegation from Galway City East Sinn Féin councillor Mairéad Farrell, after Environment Minister Alan Kelly recently vested more powers to the highly controversial organisation, which could see it secure development levies from local authorities.

Development levies are used to fund a range of services outside of sewerage and water infrastructure such as road works, street lighting, parks and amenity maintenance, and land acquisition.

Cllr Farrell said the decision “will decimate local services” while allowing Irish Water to “raid local authorities for more funds to bolster their toxic business model. More money is being diverted into the money pit that is Irish Water”.

Cllr Farrell has called for Irish Water to be “abolished immediately”. Sinn Féin has launched a Dáil Bill on the issue and has promised to enact it if “given a mandate” in the upcoming General Election.


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