Famous Galway brand Supermac’s announces a surprise name change

One of the most recognisable brands in Ireland is changing its name. Galway owned Supermac’s has announced this morning that its 100 plus restaurants will now change their name to McDonagh's.

A spokesperson for the company formerly known as Supermacs said the new logo and name is the result of an exhaustive consultation process which sought to honour a very special person who inspired the founding of the fast food chain. 

“The newly titled 'McDonagh's' restaurants will seek to fully acknowledge the work carried out by the McDonagh family's influential beef farming uncle, Ronan McDonagh.

In honour of 'Uncle Ron' - a colourful McDonagh family character who led a unique life - Supermac's, under its new moniker McDonagh's, will seek to overhaul its menu in honour of the man who first supplied Supermac's with its signature beef and taste over 37 years ago,” said the spokesperson on April 1.

Just one of the McDonagh's menu changes to be rolled out over the coming months will see the signature Mighty Mac now known as the Big Ronnie, owing to Ron's impressive 6ft 6" frame.

The care and consideration given to the menu change is something Uncle Ron would have approved of as he was a man for attention to detail. Famously, Ron would hug his herd of cows goodnight, sometimes spending upwards of two hours each night reading to them (with the work of Brendan Behan being a favourite ).

The total cost of the rebrand has run into seven figures but the company feels this is in line with the outlandish spirit of Ron.

The new McDonagh's mascot, which will now adorn all 100 fast food outlets throughout Ireland, will pay homage to Ron's time travelling the world with Duffy's Circus. Ron spent several years with the circus after his brief stint as an unsuccessful opera singer in Italy.

Uncle Ron is said to have treasured his time entertaining crowds around the world as his larger than life clown persona which saw him dress in distinctive green dungarees complete with an blue wig. In later life Ron found his real calling as a beef farmer.

As a touching tribute, each ‘McDonagh's’ restaurant will house a statue of Uncle Ron 'clowning around'!


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