Smart phone users need to be prudent, says Phone Doc

Phone Doc, specialists in mobile phone repairs and accessories, says more smart phone users are getting caught by exceeding their allocated data plan.

With most people using smart phones, there is a significant lack of clarity from the network providers as to what plan best suits individuals, says Phone Doc.

“As data is consumed more and more, smart phone users are continuously getting caught by exceeding their allocated data plan, leading to unreasonable surcharges causing extreme difficulty in meeting the demanded bill payment.”

With Facetime using on average of 15Mb per call and Facebook video streaming using large amounts of data, smart phone owners need to be prudent with data. With phone apps continuously searching for location realtime, phone batteries are depleting at a faster rate.

Phone Doc, which appreciates people need their smart phone “asap”, can replace an iPhone battery within 10 minutes.

It also advises turning off location services, WiFi and bluetooth when not needed can dramatically save battery lifetime.

“With more frequent charging required, the charging ports become physically dislodged which require replacing.”

Phone Doc specialises in replacing charging ports on iPhones and Samsung phones where these issues present themselves.

Phone Doc urges those with data plans to check the small print before renewing any contract.

Open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm, Phone Doc is located at 34 Newcastle Road. Telephone 089-9609342


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