Lightnet launches new expansion plan

Loughrea based broadband company Lightnet is investing €1 million to expand coverage and services in 2015. It is expected seven new jobs will be created by the company this year.

Lightnet has been watching new technologies developing and will be reinvesting throughout its existing coverage and in new areas of the county in the coming months. Managing director Enda Broderick says the demand for high capacity connections for home entertainment is constantly increasing. “We believe we have found the platform to provide this for the foreseeable future. Customers don’t want to be tied into completed deals with phone packages and unwanted TV services anymore, they can use VoIP phone services at a fraction of the price and many are turning to Netflix type content to watch at a time they want it without the ads. We offer a simple solution without the necessity to commit to all these extras.”

Recently the company has begun expanding into corporate events. The largest event taken charge of to date has been Red Bull’s 2015 “Crashed Ice” in Belfast, offering Wi-Fi and networking to a daily capacity of more than 15,000 people a day, over three days. A key feature of these events is the speed with which promoters utilise social media on the spot to accelerate their message through the audience.

Lightnet is integrating itself in the local community and has become the main sponsor of the Tynagh Abbey-Duniry hurling team. The company would like to wish all the club’s teams the best of luck in the upcoming season.

For more information on Lightnet’s broadband call the office in Loughrea on 091-395 804 or visit


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