Social events for separated and divorced people under new umbrella group

A series of social events for separated and divorced people is be held in Galway in the coming weeks and months, under the umbrella of a new support network. is a new website and support network for separated and divorced people in Ireland and was launched recently to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Ireland’s Divorce Referendum in 1995, in which a million Irish people decided in favour of lifting the ban on divorce.

The website offers online information and advice dedicated to supporting people going through the various stages of relationship breakdown, separation and divorce. Its aim is to gather understanding, encouragement and help from like-minded people going through similar experiences.

As part of its programme of activities, has also developed a series of social events around the country for separated and divorced people only. A number of these events will be taking place in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Galway and Kilkenny in the coming weeks.

Speaking at the launch, Founder of Patricia Kearns said: ‘The number of divorced people in Ireland has increased by over 150 per cent in the last Census and is ever growing. Despite this, our research shows that 45 per cent of separated and divorced people still feel there is a stigma surrounding their status in Irish society and the majority claim that people ‘look at them differently’ or that ‘attitudes’ towards them change.

She continued: ‘An area that suffers considerably after separation and divorce is social life and many people find themselves in the isolated position of having to rebuild their social network. One of our objectives at is to help people forge new friendships and relationships through our events around the country starting in Dublin on Friday February 13. Our goal is to reassure people that there is life, often a better life, after separation or divorce and that the journey can often be a source of personal growth and empowerment.’

The survey also revealed that the biggest worry for Irish people contemplating separation or divorce is the reaction of their children, followed closely by financial insecurity. When asked what aspects of divorce or separation presented the most difficulty, 52 per cent cited ‘loneliness and isolation.’ is a website, online forum and network that has been set up to provide non-judgemental support and advice on issues surrounding separation and divorce in Ireland. It also organises meet-up events at locations around the country where like-minded people can meet to socialise and share experiences.

For more information on separation or divorce in Ireland or updates on events happening in locations around the country in February and March 2015, log onto or ie



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