Thousand of jobs at risk in the fabrication industry as a result of EU Directives, says Canney

Thousands of jobs are at risk in Ireland as a result of E.U Directive EW 10 90 introduced into this country by the Government last July, according to Cllr. Seán Canney.

People involved in welding are now obliged to have CE Certification otherwise their products cannot be used in Ireland. This law is affecting people who fabricate gates, railings and fencings, he said.

“The cost of business to qualify for the CE Certificate is based on training costing in excess of €3,000 per person. The cost of adapting welding equipment is €600 per machine.

“The NSAI Audit setup will cost between 10 - 15k per company and an annual audit will cost €2,800 per year,” he said. Cllr.Canney has been successful in have a motion passed by Galway County Council calling on the Government to put on hold the implementation of theses new rules.

“We first need to put a plan in place to finance business in dealing with the new regulations. There are many small and medium size companies who cannot continue in business and many jobs will be lost..

“This is a prime example of bureaucratic madness taking over. The effect on our economy was never considered, added Cllr Canney.


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