Marley demands ‘radical overhaul’ of ‘deteriorating waterways’

The “dire state” and “neglect” of Galway city centre’s waterways urgently requires City Hall to “engage in a thorough clean-up” of the areas and a commitment to ensure a regular maintenance programme.

This is the view of Sinn Féin Galway City Central councillor Anna Marley who will seek to raise the matter at today’s meeting of the Galway City Council, which takes place in City Hall at 4pm.

Following a number of complaints from the public, Cllr Marley has requested a meeting with council management to discuss the issue, and, in conjunction with Inland Fisheries Ireland, develop a strategy for the “radical and positive overhaul” of the city waterways.

Cllr Marley highlighted the situation at Gaol River, located beside the Galway Cathedral, as illustrative of the overall problem.

“Man-made blockages such as sluice gates have resulted in the restriction of river bed flow,” she said. “As a result of such blockages, there has been an accumulation of silt and weed growth. This has in turn had devastating implications for the bio-diversity of this important natural habitat.”

She also said the “considerable amount of bottles and cans” thrown into the river and canals is “disturbing and plain to see”.

While she praised the clean-ups which have beeen undertaken by the local community groups, Cllr Marley said it is vital that the Galway City Council now cleans the various waterways and commts to a regular maintenance programme.

Today’s council meeting is scheduled to include a discussion of the Environment Report for the quater ending September 30 as well as of the Draft Regional Waste Management Plan.


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