Nolan condemns Isis beheading of journalist

Reports of the release of a second video portraying the beheading of a journalist by Islamic State has been described as an act of “barbarism” and “very distressing” by the Galway TD.

According to media reports, the Islamic State group is claiming to have beheaded reporter, Steven Sotloff who they had held captive. This follows the execution last month, by the same group, of journalist James Foley.

The group has also been implicated in acts of forced conversion, abductions, sexual slavery and ethnic cleansing in Syria and Iraq in recent weeks.

The beheading and other atrocities carried out by the group have been condemned by Labour Galway West TD Derek Nolan.

“The international community cannot stand idly by and let these acts of butchery continue,” he said. “Islamic State actions are abhorrent to anyone who values and respects the principles of human rights and the dignity and inviolability of the human person.”


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