Is there an amnesty for stamp duty?


I have a document on a property transfer that should have been sent for stamping about 18 months ago but for various reasons, it was never stamped. I understand that there is some form of amnesty for stamp duty. Is this correct?


I wouldn’t quite describe it as an amnesty but the Finance Act (No 2 ) 2008 amended section 14 of the Stamp Duties Consolidation Act 1999 to facilitate the introduction of e-stamping by providing for an incentive to encourage the presentation to Revenue of instruments executed before 24 December 2008, the date of the enactment of the Finance Act (No 2 ) 2008 in respect of which the stamp duty chargeable has not been paid within the period prescribed in the stamp duty legislation of 30 days.

Provided such instruments are presented to Revenue for stamping before the expiration of the period of 56 days commencing on 24 December 2008, together with funds to pay the stamp duty chargeable on such instruments and any interest accrued, a penalty will not be applied to such instruments. This measure is intended, in anticipation of the introduction of e-stamping, to facilitate a smooth transition to e-stamping.

You should now proceed with the stamping of the document to ensure that no penalties arise.


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