Local pro-life group calls for repeal of new abortion law

Galway For Life, the local pro life organisation, has called

for the repeal of the new abortion law which permits a termination up to the stage of birth in Irish hospitals on the grounds of threatened suicide.

Speaking following media reports about a baby delivered prematurely between 23 and 25 weeks gestation under the provisions of the abortionact, Eilis Mulroy, the spokesperson for Galway For Life said described the situation as “tragic”.

“While we must be thankful that the baby is alive, this is a tragic situation for mother and child created by the Government’s abortion law, which allows abortion on the grounds of suicidal feelings and sanctioned the delivery of this baby over 15 weeks early with all of the associated health complications.”

She continued, “This abortion law was introduced despite the fact that all of the evidence heard by the Government at last year’s Oireachtas hearings was that abortion is not a treatment for suicidal ideation in pregnancy.”

She says the demand for the legislation was ideologically, not medically, driven. “So too is the commentary on this case which appears to be promoting even more abortion rather than focusing on supporting the mother in this case and caring for the baby struggling for life in hospital.”

She claims pro-choice activists are saying that the baby at the centre of this case should never have been born.

“This is a chilling and disturbing reminder of the cruel and inhumane reality of an abortion culture and highlights why this profoundly unjust law must be repealed,” Ms Mulroy concluded.


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