Young women with ADHD and second level teachers required for research study

Young women aged between 14 and 20 with a formal diagnosis of ADHD are being encouraged to participate in a study examining the impact the condition has on their educational and social experiences.

The study, run by NUI Galway’s School of Education, is open to participants living in any geographical region of the Republic of Ireland.

Participants will be asked to provide their opinions and insights regarding how ADHD affects their daily lives, academic performance and achievement, and their relationships with others. They will be asked to complete one personal interview and one online questionnaire. Participants will not need to travel to NUI Galway, as a researcher will travel to a location of their choosing.

This project represents an important advancement in ADHD research because very few studies of ADHD have taken place in Ireland, and fewer yet have considered the impact that ADHD has on the lives of young women.

Additionally, this study is seeking the insights of second-level teachers who have experience supporting students with ADHD in the classroom. This gives teachers a chance to reflect critically on their own educational preparation for working with students with ADHD, looking at ways in which classroom inclusion for second-level students with ADHD can be increased. Teachers are asked to complete one online questionnaire and to also consider completing a personal interview which can be held at a time and location of their choosing.

Those interested in participating in this study should contact primary researcher Andrea Lynch at [email protected] or on 087 1129868.


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