Corrandulla health centre to re-open

There is good news in the pipeline for Corrandulla residents who learned recently that their local health centre, which closed last year, will re-open.

County Mayor Mary Hoade says the HSE is to allocate €35,000 to repair the facility.

The Fianna Fail county councillor says she raised the issue publicly every month since the centre closed last August.

At the time and in the intervening period she highlighted the inconvenience caused to service users by the closure and the growing fears that it would not re-open.

In a written response, Catherine Cunningham, the area manager of the HSE West’s Galway Roscommon Primary, Community and Continuing Care department, explained then that an application had been made to the HSE estates department for funding for the refurbishment of the centre and a plan for the work had been agreed.

Cllr Hoade recently raised the issue again at a meeting of the HSE West’s regional health forum in Galway. She stated she was disappointed that the work had not taken place despite receiving a commitment from the health authority that it would go ahead

She said the HSE outlined that following an examination of the facility it was decided that a minor job would not be sufficient and €35,000 was needed to finance the project.

“I said this was not good enough and I raised this [issue] every month since August and no funding was available. A number of meetings were arranged and I have received confirmation that funding of €35,000 has been identified, a contractor has been appointed and a purchase order put in place.

“I welcome finally that funding is identified and that this health centre will re-open. It has been a big inconvenience to the people of the community over the last year since it closed last August.”


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