The search is on for Galway’s ‘Hidden Hearing Heroes’

Galway entries are being sought for the ‘Hidden Hearing Heroes Awards 2014’ which honour those who make a significant, and often unheralded, contribution to society.

Now in its fourth year, the awards have expanded to feature categories specifically for the deaf and hard of hearing, as well as categories which are open to all. Members of the Galway public can nominate their ‘hero’ who they feel deserves to be recognised for an award across categories such as ‘Age Is No Barrier’, ‘Triumph Over Adversity’, and ‘Unsung Hero’.

Submissions can be made online at, by email to [email protected], by filling out an entry form in Hidden Hearing’s 65 branches and clinics around the county, or calling Freephone 1800 932 046.

The awards were launched by RTÉ radio personality and Heroes awards ambassador Brenda Donohue along with great grandmother and marathon running veteran Maureen Armstrong. Proving that age is no barrier, 89-year-old Maureen Armstrong took part in the Dublin Mini Marathon this year for the 20th time.

Speaking at the launch of the awards, Stephen Leddy, managing director of Hidden Hearing, said: “Over the past few years the Heroes Awards have allowed us to shine a light on many inspirational people who have excelled in various aspects of life and made a significant contribution to society. Heroes aren’t always famous footballers or global celebrities, they live among us and quietly improve the world around them. We are delighted to expand this year’s awards to include a range of new categories and I would encourage everybody who wants to acknowledge the hero in their lives to submit an entry.”

There are seven categories, with one award recipient for each. The Age Is No Barrier Award celebrates the achievements and accomplishments of those who are over 65. Triumph Over Adversity category is for inspirational people of all ages who have overcome adversity in their lives. The Unsung Hero award goes to the person who has enhanced the wellbeing of others. The Youth Award is for those under the age of 16 who have achieved much in their young lives. The Deaf/Hard of Hearing Award recognises someone who has overcome the challenges of being deaf and hard of hearing and excelled. The Family Award goes to a family member who has been a great support to a deaf or hard of hearing person. And finally the Medical hero award recognises a medical professional’s commitment to his/her patients and going beyond the call of duty.

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