Three day conference on The Great Famine

A three-day conference on The Great Famine, featuring Irish and American academics, will take place this weekend in Ballinasloe.

Understanding Ireland’s Great Famine takes place in the Shearwater Hotel tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. The keynote lecture will be given by Prof Christine Kinealy, founding director of Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute at Quinnipiac University, USA. The title of her address will be The Bankers of Threadneedle Street and the Great Irish Famine.

The event will also feature the results of archaeological work on the Famine from Galway and Clare; protest and resistance during that period; the colonial context of the Famine; studies of emigration, gender, race and class; the workhouses; the impact of ideologies of modernisation and moral improvement; and the memory of the Famine.

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