Galway businesses soldier on despite heatwave

With the summer weather finally hitting Galway, many people are leaving the shadows of the home and heading outside to bask in the rays.

Most people would think local businesses would be booming as a result, with cafes and pubs capitalising on the attraction of sitting outside with a cup of coffee or a pint. However, many local businesses are saying they have not seen a massive rise in customers or profits.

Niamh Ní Ghoill, who works at Cupan Tae on Quay Lane, overlooking the Spanish Arch, said business haf actually been ‘‘quieter’’, with most customers coming in on the weekends, leaving the weekdays a little slow. Trying to explain this, Ní Ghoill said that ‘‘a warm cup of tea probably isn’t the thing you’d want most in the hot weather”.

The situation is similiar with Galway’s most popular pubs. On Cross Street, Tigh Neachtain’s staff said business was not booming, but they had a steady flow of regulars to rely on. Other pubs which took to showing the World Cup to increase sales, like the King’s Head, High Street, noted that showing live World Cup matches did not necessarily draw people in - it was dependent on which teams were playing on a particular day.

While the heat may not be slowing business down, the appeal of the outdoors and scenic locations like Salthill beach or the Spanish Arch is stopping Galway’s pubs and cafes from making the serious financial gains they would have expected to make this summer.

But for those hoping to enjoy the recent sunshine, Dogs Trust Ireland is encouraging dog owners to look after their pets in the hot summer weather. Steps to keep dogs healthy include not leaving dogs in a car in warm weather, clipping fur and applying pet sun cream on easily burned body areas like the nose, ears, and stomach, and not allowing dogs to drink from ponds, as it may contain toxins that are fatal.


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