‘And you can quote me on that’

“I have a degree and a masters and yet I’m unemployed. My generation is the lost generation. In me, voters saw someone who has stayed and can give the perspective of that generation in City Hall, and the perspective of my generation is needed.”

The 24-year-old Sinn Féin councillor Máiréad Farrell speaking after her election on Saturday.

“We are coming back with less women on the council. I think women of all ages need to reflect on what this vote means.”

Independent Catherine Connolly reflects on the fact that only four out of 18 councillors are women.

“Fianna Fáil are still in the sin bin.”

FF’s Ollie Crowe on the party’s failure to increase their tally of seats in the council chamber.

“The Fine Gael core vote was all that came out for us.”

Galway West TD Brian Walsh on FG’s less than spectacular display at the polls.

“I didn’t expect to be elected so early. I normally don’t come in until about six or seven o’clock.”

Terry O’Flaherty on being the first councillor to be elected to the new council.

“There was a hiccup earlier on but the people did the right thing by me in the end.”

Cllr Pádraig Conneely survives a drop in his vote to get another term in City Hall.

“The challenge now is to turn that protest vote into an alternative. We need to build a ‘Progressive Alliance’ among the left in City Hall.”

Sinn Féin’s Anna Marley.

“People were looking more towards Independents and Sinn Féin. National issues are having a much greater influence on people’s decision-making than previously in council elections.”

FF’s Michael J Crowe on changing patterns in the Galway city vote.

“I think it could be quite a good combination. We just have to wait and see how it works out.”

Terry O’Flaherty on the fact the council has three SF councillors and more Independents.

“The middle classes and people on lower down the economic scale have contributed enough and have suffered enough. They cannot be asked to contribute any more.”

Brain Walsh on the message FG and the Government need to hear.

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