Leaving Cert Project Maths summer course

A two week summer course in Leaving Cert Project Maths (higher level ) will take place at Bru na Pairce, Killarney, from July 28 to August 8.

This course is for students who have completed one year of the Leaving Cert programme and plan to sit the exam in June 2015.

The course has been in existence for over a decade at Bru na Pairce, itself a well known centre of excellence for Irish courses.

It offers an opportunity for high achievers to maximise their potential and for motivated students, whatever their ability, to greatly improve their mathematical skills.

Classes are graded A, B, and C according to Junior Cert results.

The course demands total immersion in maths for two weeks’ during which nearly all of the Leaving Cert higher level syllabus is covered.

Classes take place from 9am to 4.20pm, with supervised study from 6pm to 9pm.

Students work very hard in a relaxed atmosphere devoid of normal classroom distractions with highly qualified experienced teachers who work even harder.

Homework aplenty is given each day (and at weekend ), corrected and returned. There also are tests throughout the course giving a progress profile for pupils and parents.

The prospect of such a course may be daunting but students, by and large, really enjoy the worthwhile educational experience and leave Killarney feeling very secure about maths.

For more information on the course, or to book a place, call 064 6632119 or visit www.brunapairce.com


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