‘Ageist’ accusations rebuffed by FG candidate

Accusations of “mudslinging” have been levelled at Fianna Fáil in Connemara after elements within the party accused a Fine Gael candidate of “ageism”.

A former Fianna Fáil councillor accused FG’s Oughterard-based candidate Niamh Byrne of being ‘ageist’ for a poster campaign which states that Ms Byrne is “Connemara’s Youngest Candidate”.

Ms Byrne, who is the youngest of the 16 candidates competing in the nine seat ward, hit back at her critics saying the Galway County Council Chamber is “missing young and dynamic representatives” and that “young people have not been fairly represented at council level and thus the council has not been representing the electorate”.

Ms Byrne said the ageist claim is “preposterous and typical propaganda from members of the opposition who have already started mud-slinging”. She also said the levelling of such accusations are “a sure sign” that FF “feels threatened”.


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