Tell Sarkozy to respect our No vote, says Galway group

The suggestion by French President Nicolas Sarkozy that the Irish would have to vote on again on Lisbon has met with an angry response in Ireland and left many questioning the EU’s commitment to democracy.

The Galway No to Lisbon Treaty Campaign has condemned the statement - which was made privately by Monsieur Sarkozy to members of his UMP party on Tuesday - and called on the Frenchman to “respect not only the Irish vote against Lisbon but also the French and Dutch votes against its predecessor - the EU Constitution”.

Monsieur Sarkozy will visit Ireland on Monday where he will discuss Ireland’s rejection of Lisbon with An Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

“No means no, and accordingly the issue of the Lisbon Treaty should now be dead,” said a spokesperson for the GNLC. “However, the Irish Government has already shown a lack of respect for the Irish vote by not telling the European Council that our decision on the Treaty is final.”

Protests will be mounted in Dublin over the French president’s visit “to make it clear that it is a mistake to try to force the Treaty through,” the spokesperson added. “We are not willing to accept a renegotiation, and we do not agree to a re-run.”



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