Call for realignment of Ballymoe roadway to remove dangerous bend

Tuam area local election candidate Nora Fahy has called for council funds to be diverted to a busy stretch of road in Knockogonnell, Ballymoe, in a bid to remedy a dangerous bend on the roadway.

“A compete realignment of this windy narrow busy roadway is necessary but it seems that council coffers have run dry,” said Fianna Fáil candidate Nora Fahy, who has called on the Galway County Council to place the matter top of its road agenda and source alternative funding. Fahy believes the dangerous bend is placing local landowners, residents, and motorists in jeopardy.

“Local people claim that up to three car tyres per week are damaged due to sharp stones protruding from the edge of the ditches outside Liam McCormack’s home on this narrow winding busy road.

“There are numerous householders and landowners in the area which regularly use this windy narrow road and the dangerous bend is a major traffic hazard. The problem can only be solved by a complete realignment of the roadway, but unfortunately the council do not have the funds to carry out the work required,” said Fahy.

It is understood that Galway County Council proposed taking away a nearby ditch in a bid to alleviate the matter on a temporary basis but this did not materialise. Fahy also made representations to the council in relation to a number of other local roadways, which are also in urgent need of attention. This includes a “jutting out footpath” in Ballymoe, beside the ball alley, which is an issue raised by constituents with canvassers in the area.

It is understood that Galway County Council is due to fill potholes and address drainage issues in the Mount Kelly area. Fahy has requested that the entire Mount Kelly road be resurfaced in 2015. She has also been successful in recent representations to the county council regarding Moneen Road and Kilmore Road in Williamstown which have now been filled; the Moneen Road is also scheduled to be gravelled and tarred in due course. Potholes in the Kilbeg area are due to be filled in the coming weeks while remaining potholes in the Milltown area are expected to be filled in the coming weeks.


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