HealthSET launches new FETAC/QQI accredited healthcare courses in Galway

HealthSET is a locally based FETAC healthcare training company in Galway which provides accredited training courses for adults seeking work in the home care and hospital sectors.

This sector has witnessed significant changes in the last decade with the introduction of widespread regulation throughout. Recently this has affected the training sector. The new organisation, Quality and Qualification Authority (QQI ) which houses FETAC, has introduced regulation which requires all FETAC training providers to validate their courses.

Deirdre Vaughan, Director of HealthSET and a nurse by profession, welcomes this new regulation and says this is good news for learners as people can now expect longer periods of hands-on teaching. She said; “In the training sector in Ireland, we have seen widespread disparities in FETAC courses in their cost, duration of classroom time, and course curriculum. With this new regulation, FETAC courses will now be more standardised with a minimum 40 to 50 hours of classroom time (direct learning ) which brings significant benefits to learners.”

HealthSET new FETAC courses start in Ballybane Enterprise Centre on April 29 with FETAC Level 5 Care Skills starting on June 6. For further information please see or call 087 6295353.


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