Swimming is an essential life survival skill

Anyone at any age can learn to swim. The old saying ‘It is never too late’ is true and members of Braemor Swimming Club are the proof of this.

The club’s years of experience caters for even the most nervous pupils in a sensitive and safe environment, and the end result is that they do learn to swim.

Pupils go on to learn correct front crawl breathing, allowing them to swim longer distances with ease. At the advanced lane swimming class the children and teenagers are coached on all four strokes and also essential water safety techniques. Pupils find they are fitter and more confident in the water because of their weekly training sessions. This allows them to take part in other water sports safely.

In a fast paced and sometimes stressful world, swimming is a vital tool for reducing stress. It promotes fitness and is highly recommended by health professionals for people who have asthma or who are recovering from injury.

At both adult and children complete beginner classes, Braemor has an instructor in the water, as well as on the side of the pool. Pupils gain confidence knowing the instructor is close to hand and it allows them to relax into the class.

Classes take place in Clarinbridge: Children, Fridays at 5.30pm and Saturday 10.30am for beginners and improvers: Children and teenagers, Fridays at 6.20pm lane swimming for advanced swimmers.

One to one adult classes for beginners and improvers are available on request. Phone Braemor SC 085- 1223303.


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