Dr Eilis O'Hagan with offers to protect children's teeth

Dr Rachel King and Dr Eilis O'Hagan, Fr Griffin Avenue, have years of experience in treating young children and recommend that if parents take measures to look after their children’s teeth, they should last them a lifetime.

Prevention is the key word for young children when it comes to their dental health. Forming good habits can help children have healthy teeth for life. Untreated tooth decay causes pain and infections that may lead to problems with eating, speech and overcrowding in later years.

The good news is that tooth decay is preventable. The combination of a low sugar diet, frequent brushing, fluoride and the application of dental sealants as soon as your child’s first adult teeth erupt (approx. age 6-7 years ) has the potential to really decrease the risk of tooth decay in school children.

In the past sealants were placed in the school system in second class, but this service is no longer available with multiple restrictions now in place in the school dental scheme. Sealants are one of the best ways of preventing decay in children.

They are invaluable for children who have decay in their baby teeth. They are a plastic white / clear coating which the dentist applies to the chewing surfaces of the adult teeth. Sealants stop the food and bacteria from getting into the tiny pits and grooves and helps prevent decay in these high risk areas. They are easy and safe and no injection is required so the procedure allows the young child to build dental confidence while really decreasing their risk of dental decay.

Offers available: Four fissure sealants €120 normally €140 (available until Sat May 3 ). Also, for new patients only: a dental check-up and cleaning including treatment plan €57 euro (valid until Sat 3rd May ).

Dr Rachel King and Dr Eilis O’Hagan are located at 6 Fr Griffin Avenue, The Crescent, Salthill, Galway, phone091582222orvisit www.galwaydental.com Open late Wednesdays and on Saturdays.


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