Learn Spanish in northern Spain

Special offer for Galway secondary

Established in Asturias, northern Spain, in 2001, GoEuroLanguage offers Spanish language programmes to Galway students. One of the co- founders is a native of Galway, where the company runs English courses for Spanish students, and the other co- founder is a native of Avilés where it runs summer course for Irish students.

This partnership and affinity with both places helps in ensuring the success of the courses, as are able to host a Spanish student for the three weeks prior to Irish students’ departure from Galway.

Inexchange programmes, families will host a Spanish student for three weeks (July 8 to July 27 2014 ) in Galway prior to departure to Spain.

Booknowon www.goeurolanguage.com to guarantee your place, or contact GoEuroLanguage at +34 984 990 526, email [email protected] students the team at GoEuroLanguage more often than not personally know the families they are dealing with. They endeavour to make the best choice when selecting families for students.

This year the company is offering Galway secondary students an exchange programme. This programme is highly successful as there is a mutual interest between both families. The Irish and Spanish have a great deal in common, and families enjoy this experience. This programme is most suitable for families who


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