Polling Stations to open from 7am on May 23

People across Galway county and city will be going to the polls, to elect local councillors and MEPs, between 7am and 10pm on Friday May 23.

The times for polling are part of the Local Elections Polling Day & Spending Limits Orders 2014, which was signed by the Environment Minister Phil Hogan recently.

The orders also prohibit election posters being erected until Wednesday April 23. Posters must be removed within seven days of the poll.

Galwegians eligible to vote, but who are not yet registered as electors, still have time to apply for entry in the supplement to the register of electors. To be eligible, a person must be 18 or over on or before polling day and must be ordinarily resident in the State. Application forms can be downloaded from www.checktheregister.ie or from City Hall or County Buildings. Application forms must be received by the registration authority for the area by Tuesday May 6.

For those seeking inclusion in the supplement to the postal and special voters lists, application forms must be received by Saturday April 26.

Applications for inclusion in the supplement to the register must be signed by the applicant in the presence of a garda from the applicant’s local Garda station who must first be satisfied as to the person’s identity before signing, dating, and stamping the form. Photo ID maybe requested.

With the order setting the spending period now signed, election spending incurred between Tuesday March 25 and Friday May 23 must be included on a declaration made by candidates and political parties within 90 days of polling day.


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