McNelis demands flood prevention works resume at Raven’s Terrace

Flood prevention works at Raven’s Terrace must be carried out immediately to mitigate any damage future high tides could pose.

This is the view of Galway City West Labour councillor Niall McNelis, who is calling on the Galway City Council to restart work on various maintenance and repair issues in the Raven’s Terrace area.

Works had been suspended at Christmas due to the poor weather. The persistence of such weather until very recently has led to works still being suspended. Footpaths are also to be repaired/replaced this year.

A wall beside the canal is being replaced while a solid gate is to be put in place to reduce future water escaping if high tides occur again. Cllr McNelis has been in contact with the Galway City Council’s roads section to see when they can be restarted.

The area will be one of the locations for the bike share scheme when it is introduced in early June.



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