GSPCA appeals for information after cat loses a leg in illegal trap

The GSPCA has appealed to the public to report illegal traps following the discovery this week of a domestic cat which was seriously injured by a trap.

The animal welfare charity received a call last week from a woman who found an injured cat at the bottom of her garden. When a GSPCA inspector attended he found that the cat was caught in a trap and had probably been trapped for at least a week.

The cat was brought to Barna Vets and was found to be so ill from her ordeal that she required a few days’ recovery before her leg, which had been mangled in the trap, could be amputated.

“The pain, fear, thirst, and starvation this poor cat suffered cannot be imagined,” a GSPCA spokesperson said this week.

The GSPCA has pointed out that these traps are illegal under the Wildlife Act 1976 and anyone found to be setting traps can be prosecuted.

The cat, named Storm by GSPCA volunteers, survived her ordeal and will eventually make a good recovery and adjust to life on three legs.

Anyone with information on the person who set the trap is asked to contact the GSPCA in confidence at 091 563631.


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