New website to help policyholders who experience property loss or damage

DM Claim Consultants has recently launched its new website

It is that time of year again with bad weather so frequent - some home owners and businesses will have the misfortune of having a burst pipe, chimney fire, storm, lightning or flood causing damage to their property. This in turn will, in some cases, give rise to a property related insurance claim.

DM Claim Consultants’ new website gives a detailed account of the whole claims process and a helpful questions and answers section to assist the policyholder.

The insurance company will appoint a loss adjuster to represent its interests. Claim consultants/loss assessors, on the other hand, work exclusively for the policyholders, acting on their behalf to protect their interest. They basically look after the claim from start to finish and ensure that the policyholder receives their full entitlement as quickly as possible.

While loss assessors have been in place for a number of years, the reality is that many of the general public have been unaware of their existence. It is of utmost importance that the loss assessors appointed are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and are suitably qualified.

DM Claim Consultants has its main offices in Claregalway and provides a confidential nationwide service. David Moggan chartered surveyor, Dip Prop Mang/Dip LA/MSCSI/MSCS trading as DM Claim Consultants/loss assessors is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland.

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