New wedding TV show I Do...Take Two seeks Galway couples

Your wedding day is supposed to be the biggest day of your life, but maybe it did not quite go to plan and instead went more down the pan.

Did a storm scupper your marquee reception or a rogue page-boy create a ruckus in the church? Maybe the best man’s speech revealed too much detail about the lads’ stag. Did a key family member not make it to the ceremony, the rings go missing? Have you lost a lot weight since your big day and don’t like to look at your wedding photos? Or perhaps your honeymoon turned into a five star disaster.

Whatever your wedding day catastrophe, Tyrone Productions wants to hear from married couples throughout Galway for a new show, I Do... Take Two. In the programme married couples will get the chance to review their wedding vows and right the wrongs from the big day number one by doing it all again. Be it one year or 50 years, make a big romantic gesture by getting in touch.

For more information phone or email Alex with details of your wedding day disasters on 01 8894978 or [email protected] with your name, phone number, where you are from and how long you have been married.


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