Custom-fitted mouthguards offer best protection and fit

Since January 1, it has been mandatory for all GAA football players to wear gumshields during both training and games, and it is estimated that only about 20 per cent of players prior to this wore mouthguards on a regular basis.

Although club training has not yet resumed, the county teams have already started back and were subject to these new rules.

Alan Flynn, manager of Galway u-21s, said the players found it awkward getting used to wearing gumshields, and many players found it difficult to talk and breathe while wearing them, particularly if they did not fit well.

The GAA says custom-fitted mouthguards offer the best fit and protection and it is essential a player feels the moutguard is properly fitted.

This type of mouthguard, whereby an impression of the teeth is taken by a dentist and a mould made up, is superior in the protection it offers.

With this in mind, The Gumshield Factory, is a new venture set up by dentist Dr Davitt on the Tuam Road, which aims to provide high quality custom fitted mouthguards from €39.

The Gumshield Factory makes the gumshields on site and offers a huge selection of colours. It can also organise sessions at clubs to make it easier for players to get them fitted.

For further info see or phone 091-756222.


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