Funding for sports clubs up by 60 per cent says Crowe

Funding for sports clubs is to increase by more than 60 per cent to €125,000 in 2014, a measure that is due to be passed at the Galway City Council budget meeting in City Hall tomorrow.

Following the distribution of €74,000 to various clubs throughout the city under the Galway City Council Sports Club Grants Scheme, Fianna Fáil Galway City Central councillor Ollie Crowe has announced the figure for 2014 is to be increased by 66 per cent.

This measure has the support of all 15 city councillors and will form part of next year’s budget. The funds will also be distributed earlier in the year, possibly before the end of March to allow clubs to plan their financial year with greater certainty.

Along with the earlier distribution time, the 2014 scheme will have other minor changes to it. There will be a number of workshops, which will require an officer of each club seeking funding under the grants to attend, in order for those clubs to be eligible for funding. This is to ensure clubs are fully informed of the criteria which they have to meet, the documentation they must provide, and all other formalities which have to be met to receive funding.

Cllr Crowe said the Galway Sports Partnership and its co-ordinator, Jason Craughwell, “deserve great credit” for their development of the programme and this funding increase.

“I’m aware of how difficult clubs are finding fundraising in the current economic climate so the expansion of the scheme will be of great benefit,” said Cllr Crowe. “The priority was to increase the numbers of clubs receiving funding rather than increase funding to clubs already getting grants.”

Cllr Crowe stated that, if re-elected in 2014, one of his priorities will be to ensure the 2013 funding figure available is increased by an additional 33 per cent, meaning funding available under the scheme will have more than doubled in 12 months.

“Sport is of huge importance we remember the value of local sport and offer local clubs as much support as we can.”


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