McDonnell demands audit on city junctions

Tuam Road resembles a “parking bay”; the lights at the Thermo King junction are “causing problems”; and after all the money spent on signalised junctions there is still trouble with traffic flow in the city.

This is the view of Independent Galway City East councillor Declan McDonnell, who is calling on the Galway City Council’s Galway Transportation Unit to carry out an audit of all new traffic lights and key junctions in order to improve traffic flow in the city.

Cllr McDonnell said traffic inbound and outbound on the Tuam Road at the Flemings Garage junction comes to a standstill, making the road “resemble a parking bay”, which motorists are starting to avoid, putting pressure on other junctions around the city.

He added that the new lights at the Thermo King junction, although “a huge improvement” on what went before, are causing problems for Monivea Road residents, who have difficulty trying to enter and exit their properties, particularly with motorists speeding up to get through a green light.

Cllr McDonnell also pointed to the “badly laid out” junction on Forster Street at the coach station which needs improvement.

He is calling for an audit on the flow of traffic through all of these junctions to ensure they are “operating at 100 per cent efficiency” and for audits to take place periodically to take account of seasonal changes in traffic flow. He also wants to see permanent cameras or some form of traffic calming installed.


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