ADHD seminar/ course for professionals and their patients

The Irish National Council of Attention Deficit Disorder Support (INCADDS ) will provide a comprehensive introductory and refresher seminar and course on diagnosing and treating patients with ADHD.

The course will be for healthcare professionals, psychiatrists, paediatricians, GPs, psychologists, nurses, social workers, gardaí, and other professionals and trainees.

The course will take place at The Ardilaun hotel on November 15 and 16.

INCADDS has designed the programme to help psychiatrists and medical practicioners to review their management of ADHD patients with a greater confidence than before as well as providing new ideas which may help to break the cycle. The course aims to provide ideas which hopefully will improve the quality of life for ADHD patients as well as reducing the costs of treatments.

This training will have practical applications and to ensure this, the organisers have included group discussions as a part of the course so that people can discuss real-life dilemmas they may have faced in clinical practice to learn how to be better prepared should similar situations once again arise.

In the seminar, the recently released fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will be discussed, which provides a common language standard criteria for the classification and diagnosis of mental disorders. Also discussed during the course will be the assessment and treatment of ADHD in primary care practice, and psychological therapies that have been helpful in the treatment of the condition such as cognitive behavioural therapy, neurofeedback, and mindfulness.

For more information or to book a place on the course call (091 ) 755090 or email [email protected]


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