Enterprise Ireland invested €3.3 million in Galway companies

There has been €3.3 million approved to support Galway companies this year, according to Enterprise Ireland which insists that companies in the county are robust and are growing.

The positive prognosis was given by Enterprise Ireland’s director of the west region Barry Egan while giving a presentation at the Galway County Council meeting on Monday on the initiatives undertaken - partnering with local and national agencies - to help new companies set up or support existing ones thereby creating more jobs.

Figures on the employment in EI supported companies in Galway show that in 2010 the number of full time jobs came to 5,494. That grew to 5,901 in 2011, a change of 407 or seven per cent. In 2012, the number of full time jobs grew to 6,062, a change of 162 or three per cent. The figure for part-time jobs in 2010 was 653. This grew to 908 in 2011, a change of 255 or 39 per cent. For 2012 the number of part time jobs was 1,119, a change of 211 or 23 per cent. The total job growth for 2011 was 11 per cent meaning that Galway bucked the national trend, according to Mr Egan who added “our companies are robust and are growing”.

“There are companies in Galway that are recruiting, they are looking for more workers,” said Mr Egan, who explained that EI is there to provide a support team around these companies. He told councillors that “the core” of what EI does in creating jobs in Galway and Ireland is in identifying what is missing, what companies need, and offering supports which vary for start-ups and existing companies.

In his presentation Mr Egan confirmed that a range of financial supports had been provided to Galway clients and to date there has been €3.3 million approved to support Galway companies in 2013. EI also continually supports third level research and innovation in Galway - 34 projects at NUIG and GMIT were supported to date in 2013; €2.6 million in funding was approved; and 29 small companies in Galway were each approved €5,000 Innovationa Vouchers in 2013 to undertake an innovation in partnership with a third level/knowledge partner.

County Mayor Liam Carroll said that although he is delighted with the on-going supports that are being provided “there are still a number of black spots in the county that need attention”.

“This year we have invested significantly in Galway,” said Mr Egan, who assured councillors that EI deals with entrepreneurs no matter where in the county they are located and that he would like to see more start up businesses.


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