Construction under way on multi-million Joyces superstore in Headford

Joyces Supermarket Headford has been a hive of activity the past few months as construction is underway on a new multi-million store that promises to not only provide more quality, value, and range for its customers but also boost the local economy by providing more employment and helping to turn the town into a shopping destination.

After 35 years in the business Pat Joyce has turned his sights on the Headford store, back to where it all began, to re-develop it into a 20,000sq ft superstore. Staying true to the keeping business local committment, the project is being carried out by Galway based company Burns Construction resulting in the creation of around 60 construction jobs. Construction began in February this year and it is expected that two thirds of the new store will be complete in early December. The second phase of the project will then begin in January of next year and continue into March with work starting on the existing convenience/filling station and supermarket, transforming it all into one large superstore. There will be more good news on the jobs front when the superstore is in full swing, as in addition to the 50 people currently working at Joyces Supermarket Headford, there will be a further 15 to 20 jobs created. As well as providing 200 car parking spaces, the development will also include a number of units that will be rented out resulting in even more employment.

Back where it all began

According to Mr Joyce he had begun planning this development in 2003 and is now delighted to be finally bringing it into fruition. “Headford is where the business started. My father opened the existing store in 1951. There was a lock-up shop on Church Road and also had a travelling shop. I’m in the business 35 years. When I started there were only 10 people employed, now there are around 300. We opened Knocknacarra in 1999, Athenry in 2005, and Tuam three years ago. We always planned to develop the Headford store and I’m delighted to be able to do this. I love the business, you have to have the energy, enthusiasm and passion for it every day,” said Mr Joyce, who added that it is “great” to have the next generation getting involved with the business with daughter Aisling in the Knocknacarra store and son Patrick in Headford.

While on a tour of the impressive construction site, Mr Joyce explained how important it is to adapt to the many changes in the business over the years and continue to provide the best service to customers. “We feel we do that, give the customers best value for money. Quality, value, range, and different trends, customers will get that in abundance in the new store when it opens. We will have some new concepts in the store, hopefully customers will like what they see. The refrigeration that will be put into the store will be eco-friendly and very efficient. There will be a number of shop units on the site that will be rented out so it will offer a complete shopping experience.

Multi-million euro investment

“This has been a major multi-million euro investment. In these economic times it shows our confidence in the future, and in the present. It’s a great boost in confidence in the local economy and employment. It is important to keep business local, where people spend their money is very important, it creates jobs by keeping business and local economy going. The new superstore will encourage more people to come into Headford so there will be an overall benefit to the town, it will become more of a destination for shopping. There is a lot to offer in the town, it’s a nice place to live and to go shopping,” said Mr Joyce, before thanking customers for their patience during construction, and the inconvenience caused. He also thanked staff - including support staff in the office - and management for their commitment and dedication to their work, and his wife Breda for her patience and support over the years.

There is another reason to celebrate as both Joyces Supermarket Knocknacarra and Athenry have been nominated for the Crest Ireland Retail Excellence Awards, putting them into the top 100 companies and up against various different retail sectors.


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