Clarinbridge to hold its popular market day

The picturesque village of Clarinbridge takes its annual step back in time on Saturday September 7 when it will once again hold its hugely popular Market Day.

This day marks the beginning of the world famous Oyster Festival and is a day when the local community displays local traditional culture and fare for the world to see.

The Market Day kicks off on the Village Green at 12 noon on the day and continues right through the afternoon until 6pm. Throughout the day, costumes, practices and wares from days gone by will be on display. There will be in excess of 50 stalls on the Village Green, displaying a mixture of home produce and beautiful handcrafted goods.

In addition to the many and varied stalls, there will be, throughout the course of the day, demonstrations of traditional farm practices, including threshing, churning, thatching, spinning, traditional hand crocheting, traditional open-fire baking and many more.

To satisfy the mechanically minded, there will be a display of vintage machinery around the edge of the green. Possibly the biggest attraction of the day each year is the array of farm and other animals with their young, who grace the Market Day with their company. There will be goats, donkeys, cows and calves, poultry, possibly a sow, some Clydesdale horses, and others. To further ensure that the children are entertained during the day, there will be face painting and hair braiding, to mention just a couple of the ongoing activities.

No market day would be complete without musical entertainment, and to that end, there will be local musicians and dancers performing all day.

Clarinbridge offers a magnificent day out for all the family on this first Saturday in September. It is quite a unique experience and one certainly not to be missed.



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