Where are your ancestors from?

Are your origins Gaelic, Scandinavian, Scottish, French, or English? Or are you a mix of some or all of these?

Galwegians who are keen to find out about their ethnic origins and in pinpointing where their ancestors lived 1,000 years ago, can attend an event in the Galway City Museum this weekend.

Geneticists have calculated that approximately 66 per cent of the present population of Ireland are descendants of Native Irish Gaels - a fusion of prehistoric and Celtic peoples. Irish ethnicity was further added to by the arrival of the Vikings from Denmark and Norway (today’s Doyles, Duffys, and Reynolds ), and later Normans (FitzGeralds, Lynches, etc ), Scots (Gallowglass warriors hired by Irish chieftains or platers ), and the English.

This Saturday at 2pm, biotechnologist Dr Tyrone Bowes will discuss how DNA testing can reveal unique information about Irish ancestry. Dr Bowes is the founder of Irish Origins, a website to show people with Irish ancestry how to use the results of a commercial ancestral DNA test to pinpoint where their Irish ancestors lived.

Advance booking is essential as places are limited. To book contact 091 - 532460



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