Speed dating for your business — Online Marketing in Galway to host a networking evening

Online Marketing in Galway are hosting a free networking event for local businesses, individual and professionals on Thursday August 8 at 7pm.

It has been a great year for Online Marketing in Galway – attracting guest speakers including Liz Smyth, Marketing Director of Marketo, EU Headquarters, local speakers Oisin Browne from The City Bin company and Josef Hrehorow of Tree Light Pictures.

Maricka Burke Keogh, OMiG founder said ‘It is great that local businesses and professionals in the west are so eager to attend these meet ups and also very willing to get involved. There are a lot of plans we have put in place for the academic year 2013/2014’.

To start this off Online Marketing in Galway are hosting this first networking only event on Thursday 8 of August at 7pm in the Oslo Bar, Salthill. “This is an opportunity for everyone to simplytalk and get to know each other, it is amazing what you can come up with at these events and who can meet. To date we have seen at least five people gain employment through our Online Marketing in Galway meet ups, last month one of our previous guest speakers emailed me to thank us for bringing in ‘at least 5 sales’ to there business since they spoke,” said Ms Burke Keogh

Digital and online marketing strategies are moving at an amazing and exciting pace, through Online Marketing in Galway you can meet others in different areas of Online Marketing, and clients can meet agencies or free lancers or vice versa.

”We are in the era where crowd-sourcing knowledge is becoming the most efficient method. Having a network like Online Marketing in Galway allows us to share knowledge (that we do not mind sharing ). In most cases we are swapping knowledge, which is the benefit of a network like Online Marketing in Galway,” said Ms Burke Keogh

At this ‘Speed Marketing’ event on August 8t, they will be giving a sneak peek to a brand new site we have been working on with Block5Design. “We are really excited about this, the new site will be a central hub for businesses and professionals in the West of Ireland to discuss everything online related. We are launching a free tool called ‘The Hub’ – this will be a questions and answers type tool allowing users to ask and answer any online marketing related questions.

”We look forward of the next year, growing and changing for the better is something that we are placing a lot of emphasis on at the moment. We welcome all new ideas and anyone who would like to volunteer.

To register your FREE ticket for the networking event on August 8 in the Oslo Hotel at 7pm, go to www.Galway Marketing.ie. Tell your peers and your office to come along too. If you have a business card make sure you bring them along.


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