Sen Higgins calls on Norris to apologise and show regret

Despite withdrawing his controversial Seanad “Regina Monologues” and “fanny” outburst, David Norris is still be called upon to apologise for the remarks.

Labour’s Galway Senator Lorraine Higgins has today called on Sen Norris to apologise to Dep Regina Doherty for the “unacceptable language” he used when describing her input into the Seanad referendum campaign.

“By failing to apologise directly to Dep Doherty it is clear he is not showing regret at the words he uttered,” said Sen Higgins. “I would hate to think the true essence of what he said is an attempt to prevent Dep Doherty from engaging in the debate on the abolition of the Seanad.”

While many have criticised Sen Norris for what has been perceived as the sexist nature of his remarks, Sen Higgins said: “Whether intended or not it does appear sexist and it is interesting he did not single out the male director of elections Minister Richard Bruton for similar treatment.”

Sen Higgins said that the incident was also saddening as it could “be something that will over-shadow” the “great contribution Sen Norris has made to Irish life and the way he has been to the forefront of societal change”.



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