Ahmadiyya Muslims to host intercultural exhibition in Galway

An exhibition covering issues of religion, interculturalism, integration, and diversity, opens in the Ballybane Library on Tuesday.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Ireland will host this Cultural And Integration Exhibition, which will run for the month of July.

The exhibition will focus on the worldwide Ahmadiyya community in Africa, Asia, Europe and America; a history of the faith in Ireland; its place among the world religions; the humanitarian and charitable work of its members; the Khilafat, the spiritual leadership of the Ahmadiyya (equivalent to the Roman Catholic pope ); and the Maryum Mosque which is being built in Ballybrit.

The exhibition launch will be attended by the Mayor of Galway Pádraig Conneely and all are welcome to visit the exhibition.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Ireland will hold its 12th Jalsa Salana (annual convention ) on Sunday July 7 at the Clayton Hotel.

The day-long event will be attended by community members from across Ireland. It will officially begin with a flag hoisting ceremony in which the Irish Tricolor, the flags of the four provinces will be raised, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community flag will be raised.

The convention will be addressed by Imam Ibrahim Noonan, the community’s Irish Imam based in Galway and senior scholar Moulana Munir Uddin Shams.

This year, the speeches at the convention will focus on how to revive Islam as “religion of peace, tolerance and learning, its true and pristine teachings”.


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