Speed limit increase between Galway Airport and Ballintemple

The speed limit on the road from Galway Airport to Ballintemple is to be increased from 60kmph to 80kmph.

The National Roads Authority has agreed to this change which will be implemented later this year, although a county councillor is calling for the body to be taken out of the speed limit review process altogether.

Despite welcoming the Ballintemple speed increase, Independent county councillor Jim Cuddy is more concerned about the refusal to decrease speeds in other areas, particularly the NRA’s rejecting a proposal to reduce the speed limit between the roundabouts in Oranmore.

He said he was “very disappointed” by this, adding: “It should be the local authority, in conjunction with An Garda Síochána and local groups that determine the speed limits in particular areas.”

At Monday’s Galway County Council meeting, Cllr Cuddy proposed the NRA be taken out of the review process altogether. His proposal was unanimously passed by council members.

He said people in rural areas generally want to see speed limits reduced from 80kmph in rural areas and outside schools.

“There is a national review body set up to review the national default speed limits,” he said, “and they are to report back within three months


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